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Fools and Fans 7 Greyton 2024

This is THE festival for beer lovers, whether you have only just started to home brew, or whether you are a seasoned commercial brewer with a cabinet full of prizes. Or even if you just like beer!

This will be our 7th annual event, having only missed one year due to COVID. We are back in full swing and plan to be THE cult country beer festival. More chilled, more beery and more fun!

Friday 5th April will be the turn of homebrewers from around the country to show off their skills. This year, the interclub competition will be a Czech Lager. Your entry ticket gets you as many tasters as you want!

Saturday 6th April will be the turn of the best commercial brewers from around the country to exhibit off their delicious brews. Here you will be given access to purchase some of the freshest and most varied beers available.

And of course, the obligatory 7am Saturday morning will be taking place again this year! And this year it will be 7km!

See you soon