Homebrew Competition – Prizes update

February 13, 2020

Homebrew Competition

With just over a month to go until your beer needs to be dropped off for the Fools & Fans Homebrew Competition, this weekend represents the best time to get brewing. Nice fresh beer, perfectly conditioned! Also enter that barrel ages RIS you’ve been hanging onto for the last couple of years, I’m sure it’s perfect now! I for one cannot wait to sample all your entries!


The biggest prize of all is winning the prestigious Fools & Fans homebrew competition! But winning cool shit is always nice too! There will be a first, second and third place announced, with all other entries receiving their BJCP feedback score sheets. We are still finalizing some of our prizes, but here’s what you’ll win so far:

First Prize
  • The winner gets to brew their beer on the commercial system at Old Potters!
  • R1000 cash prize!
  • Premium Subscription to BrewFather brewing software!
  • 25kg Weyermann® Carahell malt from BevPlus
  • 100gram whole cone Citra hops from BevPlus
  • LiquidCulture Homebrew Yeast Pitch
Second Prize
  • Brew day experience at Parliament Brewery in Cape Town. You”ll spend time with the Brewmaster and get to ask loads of questions about the whole process.
  • Premium Subscription to BrewFather brewing software!
  • 100gram whole cone Citra hops from BevPlus
  • LiquidCulture Homebrew Yeast Pitch
Third Prize

How to Enter

Click here to buy your entry. Remember you need one entry per beer and you can enter as many beers as you like!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to buy a Fools & Fans 2020 T-Shirt and book your space at our campsite!

Lastly, grab your tickets to the weekend festivities, it’s promising to be a cracker!


  • Closing date for entries: 16th March 2020.
  • Beer to be dropped off before 17th March 2020. We have drop off points in CT, JHB, PE and KZN.
  • We require 4 x 330ml (min) bottles.
  • Prelim judging rounds will happen in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This will happen during the weekend of 21st March.
  • Final Round of Judging and BOS to take place at Fools & Fans.
  • Beers will be judged in accordance with BJCP (2015 Style Guide).
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