Fools Friday Pre-Sale

by Trevor Gerntholtz
November 29, 2019
The Fool

Fools Friday

We hate the crass consumerism implicit in “Black Friday”, but this is Fools Friday!

We are offering a once off, never to be repeated, crazy ticket special for the Weekend Ticket, Fools & Fans and Homebrewers & Harlequins. This pre-launch special give you access to both Friday’s Festival and Saturdays. Don’t miss out, only available here.

Preparation is Underway

Just before 2019 hurtles to a close, we would like to start getting our beery ducks in a row. Next year will be the fourth chapter of “Fools and Fans” and it is already looking like the best one yet! Some of the country’s finest brewers have already committed to the day (the fourth day of the fourth month, 2020) and we could not be more excited. We have managed to capture some proper unicorns.

What’s Happening

The SA craft beer scene would seem in many ways to be going through a difficult time, in our opinion. Many loved brands have fallen, although, in their place, new exciting breweries have opened up too! In addition, the concept of gypsy brewing has offered some of the most innovative and tasty beers.

It has been very gratifying to observe the ever evolving homebrew scene. Exceptional small volume batch brews continue to lead the way, taking risks that are often beyond the scope of larger commercial breweries. Long may this continue! Bearing this in mind, we have decided to add a whole extra day on Friday 3rd April 2020 which will see us hosting the first ever NATIONAL homebrew festival. We have already felt shudders of excitement from our Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town brewers. All have said that they will “make a plan” to get to our little village in the Overberg. We would like to extend the invitation to all around the country to take part in this event.

In addition, old favorites like the food/beverage pairings will take place and we are already sourcing new and exciting local musicians who will offer their original craft for our enjoyment.

In Conclusion

So, yes, we have been through some hard times. But we believe that it is all part of the growing pains of the South African brewing industry. We will continue to offer a platform where owner run small brewing businesses get a chance to shine. Together we hope to forge a unique local beer identity.

Hope to see you all at this rapidly growing cult affair – see you in April 2020

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