A beer festival, not a beer event – The Fools and Fans Beer Festival

January 20, 2020
beer festival

The Location

In rolling hills just outside Cape Town lies the small town of Greyton and Home of Old Potters Inn and Brewery. I have visited the brewery and area numerous times with my family and friends. I mean where can you open your window drapes in the middle of town and see a cow in the neighbour’s yard. Greyton offers accommodation for all tastes and wallet sizes. The town has such a great artistic and relaxed small-town culture. I love just sitting on Old Potters Inn and Brewery’s stoep with a beer in hand and just watch life slowly go by with interesting people and horses ambling past.

The Beer Festival

However there is one reason that makes me go back at least once a year. That is for the festival inspired by Trevor Gerntholtz and his brewery. The Fools and Fans beer festival is a beer festival of a different nature. It is a festival for brewers and beer lovers that appreciate the art of beer making and fellowship. There are maybe one or two other festivals in South Africa that might come close to this festival, but none like it. It was first held in 2017.

Brewers basically run this festival unlike so many other commercial festivals. This makes it a lot more relaxed, unique in its ambiance and the interactions you have with brewers and their beers. Because of this unique flavour most brewers bring few of their normal wares but rather special and one-off creations. The brewers proudly present their one off creations and trust me at every festival thus far, I have been blown away with the beers on offer. Do not fret if your friends or partners are not serious beer lovers there is also wine, gin, mead and great food on sale. This festival is a must for beer lovers and lovers of a slower relaxed life. You will fall in love, as I have, with this festival and the town. Just be careful of Trevor’s Yard of ale challenge!

The festival also includes a beer competition for professional and home brewers, bottle share, incredible beer and food pairing events. Do not miss it.

The festival is such a blend of beer, outdoor life and the spirit of people. If there is one festival to attend this year it is Fools and Fans. I will see you there on 3rd & 4th April 2020. Tickets available here now.

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